"Richard and Stephanie were incredibly insightful, responsible, and helpful in all steps of the process. They first helped us navigate a cross-country purchase of a condo, and later a cross-country home purchase and move. They made everything easy, and have since handled purchases for two other people in my office."

Brandon Edwards, CEO, Revive Health

"Richard was able to sell our house before we even listed it based on his large Nashville network. He inherently understands the Nashville market neighborhood by neighborhood and can thus tailor the buyer/seller matching process to the latest local dynamics. We have gained a trusted realtor, as well as a new family friend."

Michael Stroup

"Richard deftly melds music and interviews to share the untold stories about people and events that inspired The Beatles' music."

Barb Deniston, National Radio Consultant

"I never thought anyone could come up with a new view of The Beatles story, but Richard and George have and give fresh insight to Beatles business."

Tony Bramwell, Author, Magical Mystery Tour and VP of Apple Corps